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Ms. Bijou Steal
Hotel Hell

Bijou is very displeased with the quality and service of the hotel and calls the front desk to speak with the manager. He comes to her room to discuss the problem but his arrogance lands him in hot water. Bijou takes the manager hostage between her well defined thighs and calls the front desk again. She informs them that the manager was of no help and she won't give up until they come to an agreement. Bijou cranks up the pressure until his face turns blue and agrees to comp her stay. Her legs are a great bargaining chip and always get her what she wants.
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Ms. Bijou Steal
Python Grip of Death!

Jay is about to find out just how constricting Bijou's legs really are. Her scissors are like 2 pythons on steroids. She squeezes him so hard, he literally freaks out from the overbearing pressure. She then latches on tighter, making his eyes roll back and knocks him out twice. Bijou doesn't stop until she hears every bone in his neck crack.
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Ms. Bijou Steal
Scissor Challenge 161

Trapped in Bijou's reverse headscissors for 10 gruesome minutes is one thing but when she wears that full black rubber suit, it brings a whole new meaning to death grip. You can actually hear the rubber squeak as she tightens up her amazing dancer's glutes around his neck preventing him from breathing. She actually strangles him to death.
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Ms. Bijou Steal
Psychological Bondage

Bijou is back and brought a whole new form of control. While Jay is deep within her grips, he must keep his hands in his pockets or suffer the consequences. Bijou squeezes so hard; Jay is forced to disobey and pry at her legs out of shear panic, resulting in Phase 2. Bijou locks his wrists together and squeezes even harder until his neck finally gives out.
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Ms. Bijou Steal
Scissor Challenge 120

Bijou's reverse headscissor is comparable to a steel vise. When she clamps down her trained dancer's legs, it is impossible to pry them apart. Jay must endure 10 minutes of neck wrenching pain as Bijou makes sure he loses all hopes of escaping. He then feels a final clench forcing him into a scissor nap.

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Ms. Bijou Steal
~Ballerina Gone Bad~

Somehow, Jay gets the courage to admit to Bijou that he doesn't think ballerinas are all that strong. Well this makes Bijou go ballistic, clasping Jay between one tight scissor grip after another, proving him totally wrong. This turns into a violent tap fest as Jay panics frantically between this ballerina's insane leg power.

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Ms. Bijou Steal
~How To Train Your Slave~

Ms. Bijou takes us step by step on how to train a slave. First, she tightly secures his wrists and ankles with rope. She then demonstrates her superiority by snapping her legs shut on the slave's neck and squeezing the shit out of it. Learn from the master and observe her strenuous scissors as she breaks him in.

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Ms. Bijou Steal
~Scissor Assassin: Death by Latex~

You don't even see it coming and before you know it, your neck is pinched between a lethal latex trap ready to pop your head off. Her mission is to make you suffer and she specializes in deep, excruciating scissors. The kinds that make you rather die which is also part of her contract. Snap and it's lights out.

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Ms. Bijou Steal
~Scissor Challenge 103~

For those of you who love bodyscissors, you'll know that when performed by the right woman, it's a great rib bending experience. Watch Bijou make Jay scream as she clamps down on his mid section. She also forces him to massage her thighs which would result to major consequences if he disobeys.

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Ms. Bijou Steal
~Twice The Pain~

Twice the money equals twice the pain! When Bijou finds cash on our poor, tied up victim, she makes him an offer he is literally forced to take. In exchange for the cash, she will squeeze him twice as hard and won't let go until he is out cold. Without the ability to tap out or pry her legs apart, it's almost painful to watch.

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Ms. Bijou Steal
~Choking Under Pressure~

Can you handle the pressure? That is Bijou's biggest concern when interviewing men for the position. Now speaking of positions, her reverse headscissor is legendary. Half way into the interview, Jay passes out from Bijou's air tight reverse then wakes up panicking while she is still squeezing.

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Ms. Bijou Steal
~Pressure Gauge: Full Throttle~

When we hired Bijou, we knew to expect very tight steel cable thighs that can snag the throat by its jugular and prevent airway. When she did our pressure gauge and got up to 80%, you can see Jay freaking out wishing it was over. If you want scary tight scissors, watch Ms. Bijou Steal at her best!

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