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Dia Zerva
Pressure Gauge: Scissor Sensei

If you've ever been lucky enough to have wrestled the beautiful Dia Zerva, you know she is a master of scissorholds. Dia is very fit and has incredible power in her thighs. Here she demonstrates just how powerful her scissors are. So you may want to watch this video before sticking your neck in the danger zone.

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Dia Zerva
Stress Relief: Death Wish

Every girl needs to let off a little steam now and then but Jay must have a death wish sticking his neck between Dia's insanely tight scissors and letting her squeeze her frustrations out. As she recalls stressful moments in her life, her legs tense up, sometimes going too far, putting Jay out not once, but twice!

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Dia Zerva
~Scissor Challenge 115~

After shooting a few videos with Dia and realizing how insanely deadly her figure-4 was, we decided to stick Jay in there for a 10 minute challenge. She loves toying with him and also manages to pin one of his hands down with her foot. Dia then warns him that if he doesn't get out, she will knock him out which she does.

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Dia Zerva
~Scissor Slave 2~

Dia loves having a slave on hand just in case she gets the urge to do some serious squeezing. Her slave has been captured, shackled and at the mercy of her crushing scissors for quite some time. Get a glimpse of the excruciating life of Dia's slave as she knocks him out, not once, but twice. You could be next.

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Dia Zerva
~The Python Grip~

Wearing tight snake print leggings over a pair of incredibly powerful crushing legs, you will see why Dia has the title of "Python Grip". Much like the lethal serpent, she is quick to snatch her prey between her muscular limbs then squeeze the life out of them. Jay passes out twice between her menacing coils!

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