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KO Girl
~Scissor Assassin: The Messenger~

Jay's girlfriend is furious to find out that he has been cheating on her so she decides to call her best friend KO to send him a message. After tying him up, KO steps in and is ready to do some serious damage. It isn't long before Jay is at the mercy of KO's devastating scissors and paying dearly for his actions.

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KO Girl
~Dirty Cop~

KO is by far the strongest officer on her squad and works really hard to keep her excellent physique. Some may even say her legs are deadlier than her gun. She'll use any reason to put a tight scissor lock on a fugitive or anyone who pisses her off. Just like this guy here who has done nothing wrong but will suffer dearly.

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KO Girl
~Blood, Sweat & Tears~

Think you can take on KO? Before you answer, take a look at what she does to Jay. First, KO destroys him in an arm wrestling match. Then, after listening to him bitch about losing, she forces him between her muscular thighs and clamps down hard. KO is ready to manhandle any of you but be ready to lose.

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KO Girl
~Scissor Challenge 101~

KO is one of the hottest chicks with serious muscles. When she traps a man between her killer quads, you better hope she lets you go because there is no getting out. Just ask Jay who had volunteered his neck on this challenge. KO mocks him and takes pictures of his red face as she almost severs his head.

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KO Girl
~Severe Consequences~

Jay is in really big trouble now! He forgot KO's birthday and doesn't find out until after she ties him up in strong bondage rope. She's very upset and uses her huge quads to make sure he never forgets again. KO crushes him between her deadly scissors and with legs like that, he's lucky to be alive.

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KO Girl
~Victim of Valentine~

What better way to spend Valentines Day then to beg for your life at the mercy of KO's incredible scissors. If you love strong muscular legs, you'll fall in love with KO. She turns Jay's sad, lonely night into the best scissor session of his life.

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KO Girl
~Scissor Challenge 88~

KO is known for her lethal figure 4 and you can tell by Jay's expression that it's really tight in there. Once she locks her ankle within her leg and squeezes, you can see the fear she puts on Jay as he panics frantically to get out. Why, oh why, did he make her mad?

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KO Girl
~Hit Me Baby!~

Beware of KO's incredible scissors. Not only is she the casino's hottest blackjack dealer but she also takes care of all the cheats and cons using her constricting thighs. She is one of the most powerful crushers out there and you can take that to the bank.

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KO Girl
~Schoolyard Bully~

KO would much rather spend her time at the gym than do her homework. Luckily she has a geeky friend whom she pursuades to do it for her. He often tries to refuse which results in a tight squeezing by her pythonic legs until he promises her straight A's.

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KO Girl
~Scissor Challenge 80~

KO squeezes Jay so hard in her reverse that not only will his suffering make you cringe; you'll be wondering whether you would survive this challenge. He wheezes to catch his breathe but she is relentless and her inner thighs keep closing in. He barely makes it to the end.

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KO Girl
~Live Scissor Cam~

Jay agrees to do a live web cam show with KO but what he wasn't ready for is how much she loves to please her fans. She squeezes him relentlessly even ignoring his signals to loosen up. Her latex pants enhance the already devastating grip KO dishes out.

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KO Girl
~The Bodyguard~

KO is the best bodyguard in the business. While on her break, her client gets handcuffed and robbed so he fires her. Using her muscular legs and incredible crushing power, she brings the meaning of pain to a whole new level as he struggles to stay conscious.

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