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Deadly Sin
Scissor Challenge 199: The Final Sin

Well this is it! Deadly Sin's last video you'll ever see. She is one of our biggest sellers and an amazing person to work with so we are extremely sad to see her go. She conquered every series and scenario we through at her starting with her first hit "Bossy Bitch". What we will do is give her $1 from every sale of this video for the first month. You can also message us with something you would like to say to her and we will include it with the check we send her. By miracle, maybe she'll come back but if not, we wish her all the best. So enjoy this video. She has one deadly figure-4 and looks STUNNING in that outfit! Her muscular calf digs into his throat while she periodically suffocates him with a pillow. Sin suddenly pries herself off the floor and knocks him out. She then strikes a muscle pose over him and when he wakes up, she drops back down in a semi schoolgirl pin and holds the pillow over his face. You've done it once again Deadly Sin!
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Deadly Sin
Super Hot Yoga

Many people wonder how women including Deadly Sin get such strong powerful legs capable of knocking out a full size man. Well, aside from intense leg workouts at the gym, yoga is also very effective at building those necessary constricting muscles. When Sin comes home from her yoga class, Jay makes the mistake of making fun of her so-called workout. She challenges him to try some of the yoga poses and after failing miserably, she shows off her scissoring strength courtesy of all that yoga. I'm sure he feels stupid now with his head trapped between those amazing thighs. Sin holds nothing back and as her legs get revved up again, her reverse headscissor puts him to sleep. She then beats him with her yoga mat when he wakes up. Isn't she just awesome?
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Deadly Sin
Pressure Gauge Extreme 3

Our first 2 Pressure Gauge Extremes featured some very muscular FBBs. Now, Deadly Sin may not be nearly as big as those girls but if you've seen her last Pressure Gauge video, you know how incredibly insane it was. This time, Jay has his hands and feet tied behind his back and Sin's instructed to give her all she's got. Jay gets so choked up, Venus had to ask him if he's ok while filming. But the games must go on and Sin makes Jay regret putting himself in this position. Between the hardcore panic and the 2 knockouts, this video will blow your mind!
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Deadly Sin
Scissor Challenge 182

If you knew Sin, you would know that she has quite the evil side to her. That explains why unlike Jay who likes playing games on his phone, she'd much rather pass time by locking her friend into a tight front headscissor and watch him squirm. She gets excited when his face turns blue as he desperately tries to pry her legs apart. She keeps him trapped for an entire 14 minutes making sure he knows who's in charge. She then straightens her legs and flexes her quads until his body goes limp. Now that's a girl you gotta watch out for. Before you know it, you're trapped between her strong legs and then just like that, it's LIGHTS OUT!
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Deadly Sin
Bedroom Battles Round 3

When Deadly Sin saw Venus and Jayde's Bedroom Battles on our site, she immediately called us up and told us how much she would love to try it. Sin had just gotten back from a weekend yoga retreat and showed up in better shape than ever. From the moment she hops on the bed and gets ready to wrestle, a big grin shows how excited she is to take down her opponent in this semi-comp battle. She is extremely quick and very strong, knocking him out twice with her reverse. Her thighs are much bigger and more muscular than before. Jay didn't stand a chance against this scissor phenomenon. This is one battle you Sin fans don't want to miss!
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Deadly Sin
Fight To The Death: Kick Ass Bitch!

WoW! This is the first time we asked Deadly Sin to kick Jay's ass in a semi-comp style match and boy did she ever kick some serious ass! Using a combination of foot chokes, kicks, punches and moving flawlessly from one tight scissorhold to the next, this is Deadly Sin at her best! Jay doesn't stand a chance against this powerful beauty and he's got his life on the line. This fight can only end once someone dies and by the looks of it, Sin's legs have this match all wrapped up. With one violent SNAP, Sin wins by NECK BREAKER!
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Deadly Sin
Wonder Woman's Scissors of Truth

With a lot of buzz going around about a Wonder Woman movie, we thought she may require some upgrading. Some believe the Lasso of Truth may be a little dated and a tad cheesy so what better way to get a villain to spill his guts than by her Scissors of Truth. Wonder Woman is known to have super strength so can you imagine being trapped between those amazing legs? After crushing him with her thighs, choking him with her arms and throwing punches, this villain doesn't stand a chance. She scissors him so hard, he passes out in her figure-4. She then snaps his neck with her bare hands while holding him in a standing headscissor. Now that's how it's done!
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Deadly Sin
The Evil Stepsister's Revenge!

Sin and Jay have been going at it ever since their parents got married. Jay is fed up with his evil stepsister always knocking him out with her scissors. So this time while she's sleeping, he starts tying her wrists and ankles together. She wakes up mid way through and snatches his neck in the tightest scissor ever! Boy is he in trouble. Even though she is smaller and younger, her legs are deadly as hell. She goes totally psycho and calls her dad, informing him that she found her brother dead right before snapping his neck. She is one EVIL girl.
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Deadly Sin
POV: Sinful Pleasure

This is it boys! This is your chance to be dominated by one of our top selling Foxes. Deadly Sin's POV will blow your mind and have you begging for more. She will make you feel weak and pathetic as she holds you between her amazing scissors. Her smooth toned body makes it that much more heavenly. You will also get to experience her reverse headscissor knockout in both her point of view and yours. When you wake up, Sin is standing over you in a victory pose reminding you who is boss. You do NOT want to miss this!
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Deadly Sin
Xtreme Challenge 1

This is our first Xtreme Challenge and what better way to kick it off than to welcome back one of your favorite Foxes; Deadly Sin. In the Xtreme Challenge, there is no time limit plus, the girl gets paid by the minute as an incentive to hold on no matter how hard her victim tries to break free. Jay gets really frustrated towards the end and tries everything to get out of Sin's leg prison but her amazing strength and stamina don't allow him to. After 20 minutes, Jay starts looking pretty rough so Sin squeezes him with everything she's got and knocks him out cold, putting an end to his misery. Simply amazing!
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Deadly Sin

This Deadly Sin video is OFF THE CHARTS!
It begins with her standing over Jay with her 6" heels pinning down his wrists. She then drops down onto his chest and unleashes some of the tightest scissors ever seen on this site. Her tiny g-string reveals her toned ass and legs as she flexes them around Jay's neck. It would be a SIN not to watch this!

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Deadly Sin
Scissor Challenge 132

This girl is unstoppable! One of our most popular and deadliest Fox is about to blow you away. Jay tackles her down and pins her but Sin gets her long legs around him and forces him into a devastating front headscissor. Panic sets in as he tries to pry her legs apart but Sin goes full thrust and knocks him out!

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Deadly Sin
Trapped in Her Web

Don't ever doubt her strength. You do not want to piss this girl off. Deadly Sin is much like a black widow spider. You will feel helpless in her scissor web, squirming to escape and scared for your life. She might even kill you once she is done with you. Watch how easily she can put you out as she does to Jay.

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Deadly Sin
Obey Your Master!

You will worship Sin's long magnificent legs after watching this video. From using her bonded slave as a stool to relax her sexy feet to severely punishing him between her crushing thighs, this video has it all. She toys with her slave, making him beg to breathe. Deadly Sin will make you obey or suffer the consequences!

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Deadly Sin
Pressure Gauge: Mean Ass Bitch!

This is it! Deadly Sin's most intense video to date shows everybody that she can be one mean ass bitch. Watch as Sin cranks up the pressure in all your favorite scissor holds ignoring all signs of panic. In her last reverse, Jay desperately tries to pry her legs apart, battling for air but she holds on tight and knocks his ass out!

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Deadly Sin
Femme Fatale

You are about to witness the wrath of the sexy assassin known as Deadly Sin. She is by all means one of the most fatal girls out there and can easily end a man's life between her skilled legs. She was sent to kill ScissorFoxes' owner Jay by a jealous competitor who fears their success is rapidly taking over the #1 spot.

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Deadly Sin
Scissor Challenge 116

Deadly Sin is a force to be reckoned with. Raised on a farm, you can surely tell that her slim toned legs are extremely dangerous and her reverse can easily cripple a man. And just by the way she laughs as she's just about to knock you out just shows the sadistic but playful side of this beloved ScissorFox.

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Deadly Sin
~Timeout: Sudden Death!~

Deadly Sin is equipped with a stopwatch and a lethal pair of legs and she is ready to put Jay in a timeout. She snatches him in a tight headscissor and starts the countdown. Jay must endure 90 seconds of torture in various scissor holds and it only gets tighter every squeezing second. You don't want to miss this!

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Deadly Sin
~Bossy Bitch!~

Sure, having a hot secretary like Deadly Sin has its perks but don't ever get on her bad side. One late night at the office, she decides to show her ignorant boss who's in charge. Once she has him deep within her thighs, he has no choice but to obey. Not complying will only result in getting KO'd between her deadly tight reverse.

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